It's time to get your deck looking beautiful for summer! Follow this step-by-step guide from our Salmon Creek store using Storm products to achieve this incredible result.

 Deck Prep / Staining

1) Clean the deck off with a blower or broom to remove any loose pieces of dirt or debris.

2) Mask off any areas of the house or surroundings that you do not want to get stripper on.

3) Wear appropriate attire, I.E. close-toed shoes, long pants stripping gloves to minimize exposure of your skin to the stripper.

4) Wet the entire surface with your garden hose before applying the stripper.

5) Apply the Storm stripper diluted per manufacturers directions using a garden sprayer, mop or roller on a extension pole.

6) Lightly agitate/scrub surface using a stiff bristle brush on a extension pole.

7) Let stripper dwell on surface for 10-15 minutes. NEVER let the product dry on the surface, so only apply to sections you can keep wet for the entire time and lightly mist the surface during the dwell period.

8) Thoroughly rinse the entire stripper off the deck using your garden hose.

9) Apply Storm brightener/neutralizer diluted to manufacturer's directions.

10) Let product dwell for 10-15 minutes again, NEVER letting surface dry out.

11) Allow deck to dry for at least 72 hours to ensure enough moisture has left your wood.

12) Using a deck sander and random orbital sander, sand the deck using 60 to 80 grit sandpaper to open the pores and remove any stain left on the deck.

13) Sweep/blow the dust off of the deck

14) Apply the stain you have chosen using a brush on an extension pole to the point of refusal on the wood.Brush out any places where the stain pools to ensure that your stain is penetrating and not drying as a film on the surface.

15) Most stains are a single coat application; if you are using a two coat system, apply the second coat after the manufacturers recommended dry time for the first coat.

16) After the final coat has been applied, allow the stain to dry for 24 hours before placing furniture back on deck or subjecting the deck to heavy foot traffic.

17) Do not apply stain if rain is imminent for 24 hours after your final coat has been applied.