The perfect neutral is understated sophistication. Your walls become a canvas that showcase your home beautifully. A neutral palette is a perfect balance between captivating and calming. Whether your home looks best dressed in warm or cool shades, our collection has the perfect hues for ceiling, trim and wall. Displaying a home in a monochromatic color scheme makes your space feel more spacious with a harmonious atmosphere.

Our COLOR CONFIDENCE palette offers tried and true hues, however you can introduce other colors, simply keep them in a similar value and tone, and it all works!
Make sure when choosing your ceiling white, you choose either a warm or cool shade to complement the undertone of your wall and trim color. of your wall and trim color. of your wall and trim color. Also, hold the color sample above your head in the room to be painted. above your head in the room to be painted. above your head in the room to be painted. A color will always appear darker on the ceiling.
Beautiful trim is stunning when painted a contrasting color, however if your baseboard is plain, make it disappear by painting it the same color as the wall. The walls will look higher and buyers’ eyes will be drawn to the room’s best features.

Introduce different sheens for visual interest, the higher the gloss, the darker the color will appear. However, the higher the sheen, the more the wall imperfections will show. If walls are not perfect, stay with a flat sheen paint. 

Set The Stage To Sell

Staging is another key element in selling your home. The following are basic staging techniques that work!

Less is More

De-clutter. Clear kitchen and bathroom counters. Give the impression of ample storage by cleaning closets and drawers. drawers. drawers. If necessary, store excess furniture off-site to create a sense of spaciousness. 

Clean to the Extreme

Ensure windows, floors, counters, fixtures, and appliances sparkle and all light-bulbs are working.

The Smell of Success 

An unusual odor can turn a perspective buyer off. Simmer cinnamon sticks before a showing but put away all traces before buyers arrive. And remember, if odors are too strong buyers may wonder if you are masking something.

Keep It Fresh

Fresh flowers and fruit are the perfect accessory when selling your home. 

First Impression

Paint your front door a fabulous color, and stylize with a seasonal urn to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Color Confidence at Miller PaintColor Confidence at Miller Paint

Increase the value of your home by painting it in a gorgeous neutral palette. Painting is the best investment you can make when refreshing or selling your home!