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Clean air and clean water do not stop at city limits or county lines. Neither does the need for jobs, a thriving economy and good tyransportation choices for people and businesses in our region. Voters have asked Metro to help with the challenges that cross those lines and affect the 25 cities and three counties in the Portland metropolitan area.

A regional approach simply makes sense when it comes to making decisions about how the region grows. Metro works with communities to support a resilient economy, keep nature close by and respond to a changing climate. Together, we’re making a greatplace, now and for generations to come.

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Metro Paint




Metro Paint

  Metro Paint


A Little History

Since 1992, Metro has collected and recycled more than 1.5 million gallons of latex paint, helping the environment and keeping reusable resources out of the landfill.



Award-winning, quality-assured paint available at a fraction of the prce of other paints.


It pays to be green.



Metro Paint


Metro Paint


Miller Paint currently stocks the above 8 colors from MetroPaint.


Printed colors are approximate and actual color will vary slightly from batch to batch.



High Quality, Low Cost




Only $12.95 per 1-gallon can

Just $64.75 per 5-gallon pail

Covered by limited warranty





Metro Paint



2008 Top 10 Green Product

-Sustainable Industries magazine




Choose original or certified MetroPaint for 100 percent recycled latex that’s better for the environment and easy on the wallet.* Original MetroPaint includes a one-year warranty and provides the same good quality that homeowners, designers and contractors have come to expect for more than a decade. Certified MetroPaint approved by Green Seal™ and the Master Painters Institute, includes a five-year limited warranty and mold inhibitor. Both sustainable products are good toward LEED and Earth Advantage certification.

Metro PaintWhen you use recycled paint, you: decrease your carbon footprint reduce the need for landfill space; conserve water used to make new paint; prevent pollution from the mining and extraction of raw materials.

*May contain up to 2 percent virgin materials as additives



Metro Paint


Proper preparation and priming of all surfaces recommended.





MetroPaint is available at most Miller Paint stores!

It is also available at select dealers participating Fred Meyer stores, and Metro’s Swan Island facility. For an up to date listing of Miller Paint stores carrying MetroPaint, please go to the locations page on

Quantities of certain colors can be limited. If you are in need of a specific color, it is recommended to call ahead.


When picking-up your paint, look for in-store specials, paint supplies, clearance items, and great prices on all the supplies you need for painting> your home or business.

Visit for more information on Miller Paint.


Got leftover paint at home? Recycle it! Oregon’s new industry-run program for paint recycling makes it even more convenient to drop off unwanted paint and keep reusable materials out of landfills. The MetroPaint Swan Island store does not accept unwanted paint for disposal or recycling. For the nearest collection center in Oregon, visit or call 1-800-CLEANUP.





MetroPaint is made from a combination of acrylics and enamels with various glosses, which makes it very durable and suitable for use both inside and outside.


Wood, Homes, Masonry, Apartments, Concrete, Barns, Vinyl Siding, Warehouses,

Metal, Factories..... and just about anything else!


Thick and rich coverage, often in just one coat

Smooth application by brush, roll or spray

Blendable colors for custom looks

Quick-drying finish that's durable, washable and low-sheen



Metro Paint





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